• CherryT Knit & Co. Crowdfunding Campaign

    Dear CherryT Knit & Co. friends + supporters,

    We have some very exciting news to share with all of you. Today we are launching our first crowdfunding campaign on Alberta BoostR!
    Curious why we’re crowd-funding? Great question. The CherryT Knit & Co. team is currently working on expanding our product line and commissioning new and awesome designs for our Canadian-inspired, ultra-warm, "Wicked Knits that Do Good" collection (including gorgeous boot-cuffs, lush cabled trapper hats, and sherpa-lined beanies).

    As a smaller company founded in Central Alberta, we’re thrilled to be noticed by media outlets like Entertainment Tonight, and taking in large orders from customers all around the world, and to be recently invited to include our products in the 2014 “Everyone Wins at the OSCARS®” Gift Bag. But, in order to grow our business and be competitive locally and globally, we need to offer a fully-rounded line of knitwear products and expand our production capabilities. (Right now, we offer ladies styles and have a great demand to expand our products for men, youth, and infants, including scarves, toques, leg warmers, etc.)

    With any luck, our Alberta BoostR campaign will help provide the funds to do just that!
    More importantly, the funds will help keep the Wicked Knits that Do Good™ initiative alive. As many of you know, since its founding, CherryT Knit & Co. has been empowering a powerful give-back movement across Canada and the United States. We call it the “Share the Warmth” program. For every CherryT Knit & Co. product purchased online or in stores, we donate a warm pair of mittens to a homeless child or others living in abject poverty. We believe that sharing the warmth is a beautiful way to make a difference in North America and to rethink buying.

    As support for the program has grown however, so has the cost. It’s time for the Share the Warmth program to stand on its own two legs so we can continue making donations to shelters on behalf of our amazing customers. (That’d be you.)
    By supporting CherryT Knit & Co. you become part of a monumental give back movement and a supporter of children in need. You’ll also get your hands into some awesome CherryT Knit & Co. perks. And, you’ll become part of a story that proves it is possible to do business that is good for people and good for our communities.
    If you believe in our product, our company and our commitment to helping others and creating stronger communities, I hope you’ll consider supporting our campaign. If you’re unable to financially support the campaign, please supporting us socially. We’d love it if you would help spread the word on your social media channels. Tell your friends! Tell your coworkers! Heck, tell the lady standing behind you in line at the store! We’ve got big dreams in a small town, and we’ll need all the help we can get to bring them to fruition.

    Thanks for being a part of our story.
    XO Nicole

    Please see our full campaign here...

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